Superare Fight Shop - Los Angeles 2018

You can now find all high quality fight gear and clothing products at the brand-new Superare Fight Shop in Los Angeles! They sell a variety of fight gear and apparel, including Moya. Owner, Zach Lipari, just opened his new shop in LA in early January of this year.

Zach Lipari started Superare fight shop 7 years ago in Long Island, NY. They were the only outlet in Long Island for fight gear and clothing. At the time, the concept of fight shops was relatively new and they aimed to “not only affect the local community and help local practitioners get the proper gear but also a way to make our mark and help steer the community into a different direction.” They also wanted to emphasize a clean, positive lifestyle approach to fight gear. They want this approach to be able to “stand the test of time” and not fade away. The inspiration behind Superare fight shop is to bring “ultra high quality products with an emphasis on style and to give our customers an amazing experience.” They want the experience to be like how it was to go to your favorite shop as a kid.

The positive energy and amazing fight communities are what brought Zach Lipari and Superare to LA. They believed that Superare would continue to thrive because of different relationships and connections with others in another big community like LA. Being on the west coast means a lot to them because it means they’ve grown from “being the cool small shop from the east coast.”

In addition to delivering high quality fight goods to customers, they want to continue to grow and “build their brand as a cornerstone of the industry” through expansion, so be on the lookout to find a Superare fight shop near you in the future! Zach Lipari and Superare would to thank “brands like Moya as part of the family” that helps with their growth because they’re giving the BJJ communities great content wherever they go!