Popeye X Moya 2022
 Commemorating Veterans Day with a collaborative collection featuring
the world’s most Patriotic / Pop Culture Icon:  “Popeye the Sailor Man.”
Release Date: November 11th, 2022
Status:  SOLD OUT



Moya x Bruce Lee
Celebrating the worlds most influential Martial Artist of all time.
Bruce Lee x Moya team up to bring a micro collection of premium crafted lifestyle apparel,
with a mix of on the mat essentials.  Designed, developed and approved in partnership with Shannon Lee.    
Release Date: June 4th, 2021




Moya x Hello Kitty
Moya Brand has teamed with the Pop Culture Icon Hello Kitty for a limited multi piece
collection, designed and created to celebrate the world’s most distinctly beloved character.
This partnership has been a multiyear collaboration, featuring limited releases of adult, kids and
baby gis, along with casual street wear pieces. If you missed this collection, sign up on our
subscriber list for all future Moya Brand release information.
May 1 st , 2019 Worldwide Press Release



Moya x Crooks & Castles
Known as the “originators” of the contemporary “luxe street image,” Crooks & Castles helped
pave the way for the Streetwear niche in fashion – they are part of the reason there is even is a
Streetwear Category. Moya Brand x Crooks & Castles teamed up to release BLACK GOLD – a
limited release gi, featuring their iconic Medusa Logo. Within 24 hours the shelves were empty.
Check back with us as we continue to push boundaries’ of art and street culture, something
that truly makes unique and diverse.

Purpose: Official Press Release
Date: Sometime in 2017
Distribution: Worldwide



Moya x Keith Haring
World renowned Artist Keith Haring known for pop art and social awareness issues is one of the
most iconic artist of our time. Keith Haring Foundation & Moya Brand present a collection of
signature classic pieces celebrating street culture worldwide.
@Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

Purpose: Official Press Release
Date: December 2018
Distribution: Worldwide dissemination



Moya X Santa Cruz

Moya Brand is proud to have teamed up with legendary skate brand Santa Cruz Skateboards for a one off piece, specially made for Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Champion & Professional Skate Boarder Tom Knox (Visalia, CA). Tom Knox is a sponsored rider for both Santa Cruz Skate & Moya Brand. The one off piece featured timeless art by Santa Cruz x Independent Trucks x Moya Brand.

Purpose: Informative

Date: Sometime Ago

Distribution: Not Sold to the Public



Moya x Mauli Ola Foundation

We here at Moya are proud partners with our brothers & sisters at the Mauli Ola Foundation (MOF). 
For the last several years Moya x MOF has banded together to further spread the word of the natural
healing that our great Oceans possess.  It was our collective goal to create, design and produce clothing
and Jiu Jitsu Gis, in which the proceeds would be donated to the Mauli Ola Foundation.  
Since our partnership and thanks to all our supporters Worldwide, the Mauli Ola Foundation has
expanded its outreach to drop in visits with sick and terminally ill children.

Mission: Pay it forward

Goal: Spreading Mana & the Aloha Spirit