Rehan Muttalib (Cobrinha BJJ) - Promoted to Brownbelt!! 2016!

A whole new journey is about to commence. On June 18, 2016, Cobrinha promoted our very own Rehan Muttalib to become the newest brown belt in the game. Although he wished for this to happen, Rehan was still caught by surprise, knowing how high Cobrinha's standards are. He received his purple belt on October of 2012, but had to stop training in 2013 to focus on attending medical school. He decided to get back into training about a year ago. When he achieved his brown belt, it was a definite reassurance for him that he made the right choice to get back into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and that he was on the right path. 

Rehan is now on his 3rd year in medical school. He's moving to New York City and will be staying there for the next 2 years to fulfill his requirements to earn his medical degree. He will also continue training in Marcelo Garcia's academy. Rehan told us, "Medicine and jiu-jitsu share that reality where both can seem overwhelming at times. But being calm and having faith that you will come to a productive solution takes you far in both."

Now on a whole new level in both his medical and jiu-jitsu careers, Rehan plans to achieve much greater things. He's told us that he wants to be regarded as one of the best brown belts in the world, get his medical degree, and make it to black belt Sundays for Pans and Worlds. For our genius, jiu-jitsu athlete, we have no doubts that he will make all his plans become reality very soon.