Oranday BJJ Family - Port Neches, Texas - 2016!!

The family who trains together, succeeds together. The Oranday family is a huge testament to that! Bambi, her 2 sons and daughter all manage their own academy together (Oranday Bros Jiu-Jitsu), train together, and most importantly, support each other. Bambi's children began training on September 21, 2009 when they Damion was just 11, Austin was just 10, and Camryn was 4. After training for 7 years, Damion is now a purple belt, Austin is blue, and Camryn is an orange/black belt. All of them have a very strict schedule, consisting of training more than once a day, drilling, specific training, cross fit, attending school, and keeping their academy organized and well-maintained. This family is surely a functional unit! Even as kids, we know that they are being raised well, handling more than most kids are nowadays!

Damion and Austin have achieved so much just between them two. Just this year, Damion won a lot of the Opens (San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, etc.) hosted by IBJJF in GI and NoGi and is also an IBJJF Nationals Champion. Austin did the same, winning a lot of the Opens and also participating in the F2W Pro Houston Super fight against Roberto Jimenez (resulted in a draw).

Bambi is currently a purple belt who's been training for 5 years alongside her talented kids. They started their own academy on April 4, 2016 with the blessing of their Professor, Ed Ramos. The family has said that training together has definitely sealed the deal of developing a very loving relationship within the family. Also, because the brothers are so in tune with each other's strengths and weaknesses, they push each other to go in the right direction to be the best they can be! Who doesn't want to be surrounded by such a strong household that the Oranday family runs? You can find them in Texas (2825 Nall Street Port Neches, Texas 77651), offering BJJ classes for kids to adult competition level and also Cardio Kickboxing classes. If interested, get in contact with them through orandaybros@gmail.com.