Moya Brand - Open Closet 2019!


Here's your chance to score some items that are no longer available to the General Public.  Open Closet is a collection from a hidden link of past releases that are no longer available on our main website.

What is Open Closet:

Open Closet will feature past releases from Gis to apparel.  Items, sizes, quantities and styles are limited to availability.

How can I access the Open Closet Sale:

You can access the Open Closet Sale by signing up for our newsletter at A hidden link and promo code will be sent out to all subscribers once per quarter.

Will the Open Closet link be on the Moya Brand website:

Yes and No.  The Link will not be visible on the Moya Brand website.  The link will only be available to those via newsletter sign up.

When will the Open Closet link be updated with new products:

Once per quarter, stay tuned for email releases.