Hector Vasquez (Blackbelt/Cobrinha Las Vegas) 2017!

They say hard work pays and it sure does for this Southern California native. Training under Cobrinha from Bluebelt to Blackbelt the Jiu Jitsu World Champion Hector Vasquez has not only made a name for himself on the Competition scene, but also as a World Class Instructor and Gym Owner.

In 2015, with the blessing and full support of the Cobra himself, Hector quit his day job and packed his belongings and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in order to chase his dream of opening his own Academy and training the next generation of Athletes.

Hectors focus is to create the younger generation to become world champions on and off the mats. Hector has a solid crew of kids and adults alike, constantly competing with great podium finishes. Hectors army of kid Athletes consist of Michael Alvarez- Liam Hill-Giovanna Canuto- Frank Cespedes- Gloria Ruiz-Diogo Reis - Micael Galvao -Brenda Larissa- Samy Galvao (just to name a few).

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If you are ever in the Las Vegas area, be sure to check out Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy - Las Vegas:

Address: 321 N Buffalo Dr #120, Las Vegas, NV 89145

Phone: (702) 527-5122