Arnaldo Maidana De Oliveira (Blackbelt / Checkmat Woodland Hills CA) doing big things! 2017

Arnaldo Oliveira's grappling career started at only 16 years old with Coach Gilberto Gabas in his hometown Aracatuba, São Paulo. Gabas supported him ever since, guiding his career until he received his black belt on December 2013. Shortly after, he moved to the United States to be more involved in the BJJ community and become a professional athlete. He became a competitor under the world famous Leonardo Vieira at Checkmat HQ (Long Beach). Arnaldo also became an instructor at Gooch's Training Academy at Checkmat Woodland Hills. His accomplishments just this year include: 3rd place at the ACB

Grand Prix (85 kg), 1st place at the IBJJF Las Vegas and San Diego Open, 1st place at the ACB World Championship in Russia, and 3rd place at the IBJJF American Nationals Gi and NoGi. He recently signed a 2-year-contract with ACB JJ, a Russian organization. Look out for him at the next ACB Grand Prix NoGi in the 85 kg division in Brazil!!

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