Guto Campos - Black belt ATOS 2017!

Joining our team this year is 3rd degree black belt, Guto Campos. At age 18, he felt the need to learn a self-defense martial arts sport. Growing up and being in Brazil all his life, he found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His first professor was Carlos Aveline, also Master Walter Mattos' student. One day, Campos' mom told him to find a job to help make money for their household. He was afraid that this would interrupt his training, so he began to teach in their living room. Campos' mother was very supportive and even allowed him to open his own gym at their house on March of 2002. He was only a purple belt at the time. Guto eventually earned his black belt from Master Walter Mattos in 2004.

Now, he is a 37-year-old under the ATOS team led by Andre Galvao, since January of 2009. His academy is still open, where they offer kids' class, competition class, and beginner's class. They also offer free training open class on Saturday mornings. This year, Guto competed at the IBJJF Masters Worlds and Floripa Open where he won gold in his division (medium heavy) and in the open class for both tournaments. Cha-ching! Nowadays, you will find him switching from his academy in Brazil and the ATOS HQ academy, training for future tournaments.

Welcome to the family!

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