Nick Dompierre in Real Street 2014 - X Games

Nick Dompierre has been chosen as one of the Sixteen world's best street skaters to have submitted a 60-second video part for a shot at X Games gold. The medals will be awarded by a group of judges. The Fan's decide their favorite by tweeting the video they like by using #[skater's last name] + @XGames #RealStreet

Nick Dompierre X Games Real Street 2014

example tweet 1(if your a homie): yeah Nick #dompierre for @XGames #Realstreet 

example tweet 2(if your another homie): oh dayummm Nick #dompierre killed it in @xgames #realstreet

example tweet 3(if your a girl): OMG! i love Nick #dompierre in @xgames #realstreet

example tweet 4(if your still a girl): oh that Nick #dompierre in @xgames got #realstreet

and only one vote per day, per skater will be counted.

click here to view video and vote Nick Dompierre X Games Real Street 2014