New Defender Face Mask - Help reduce the spread

We here at Moya never thought we would see the day where we would be producing mask. Thoughts and prayers to all the families who are being affected by COVID-19. Our ethos has always been to pay it forward working with non profit organizations and community leaders. Allowing at risk youth and troubled adults a place to train and channel their energy, regardless of their financial situation. Jiu Jitsu Does Save Lives.

In this current environment of personal well being and financial uncertainty, we here at Moya introduced Defender 1 & 2. Dual layer Mask with insert for PM 2.5 filter (filter not included with mask). The mask are sourced and produced here in the United States. Our goal is to supply the needs of our community by doing our part to reduce the spread and working to keep United States workers employed.  A free mask will be added to any orders over $75 while supplies last.

We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to a First Responder organization tasked with keeping us healthy. Along with donating a portion of the proceeds we will be dropping off stacks of mask to our local Police Stations, Fire Department and Hospital. Help do your part by adhering to public safety guidelines, keeping your distance and repping your mask.

One Love,

Team Moya