Mason Fowler (Caio Terra) defeats Craig Jones @ SUG 16

On July 12, 2020, Mason Fowler faced Craig Jones for the 2nd time at the event Submission Underground XVI for the Absolute title. Fowler only had the intent of winning and was proud to be part of the amazing training camp at the Caio Terra Academy. The camp focused on specific drilling and live situations to best prepare competitors for any possibilities. “On top of our training, I added in 2 high intensity conditioning sessions a week,” Fowler shared.

The first time he faced Jones was ADCC 2019 where he accepted a controversial loss. He was more than ready to get his redemption at SUG 16 and was successful in getting the win this time - earning the Absolute title! Fowler adds, “Next time, I would like to get a clear cut win with no room for debate.”

He acknowledged how lucky he was to still have good training during this pandemic. Fowler points out that fighters could always find a way to train; for gym owners, however, they’re struggling to keep up with protocols while trying to maintain a running business. As the Jiu-Jitsu community continues to face heavy restrictions on keeping academies open, he was quick to show support for the business owners.

Currently, Fowler is preparing for the 3rd face-off with Craig Jones on August 30 for the new Submission Underground XVII event. They will battle it out for the Absolute title once more!