Dustin Barca on the quest to protect and restore the land and traditions of Kaua'i!

Pro Surfer turned activist Dustin Barca is on a quest to Protect and Restore the land and traditions of Kaua'i.  Dustin is not just running for Mayor - Dustin actually completed a 4 - day trek throughout the island of Kaua'i as part of his bid for Mayor in the 2014 Kaua'i elections.  Sailing on a 3 Man Canoe and running, while making stops at local towns paying tribute to and connecting with the local residents.

Unlike other politicians, Dustins quest is to bring awareness to major issues that can affect the future of Kaua'i and its people for years to come.  Issues such as GMO Crops/Spraying & Cross contamination with local organic farms, over spray affecting the local residents quality of life,  preservation of water and local streams, land preservation and making sure the soil is sustainable for future generations.  These issues are not just related to Kaua'i, these are huge issue within our country.  

The time is here and the time is now!

For local residents please register to vote by July 10th, 2014. Check out this cool video "Healing Kaua'i Mauka to Makai."


To the right of the video is a link for all those interested in supporting Dustins Bid For Mayor.

"For the People, from the Heart." - Dustin Barca