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Asena Melike Brown belt - Corvos Combat Istanbul - Turkey 2016!!

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is quickly catching fire all around the world. Although it's still making its progress in some areas, it's received dedication from prominent athletes, one of them being Asena Melike Agansoy. The 25-year-old is Turkey's first female brown belt under Burak Deger Bicer. She found BJJ while in college in 2012 by the persistence of her brother. They first began with Muay Thai, but felt that there was something missing. Knowing that her brother wanted to train MMA, Asena persuaded him to train at Corvos Combat, Turkey's first MMA and BJJ academy. After his newfound passion for BJJ, he insisted that she joined him, and so she did.

This year, Asena competed in the UAEJJF's Greece National Pro for the second time in the 55 kg brown belt division. She won silver in her division and bronze in the open weight. She said that it was a very thrilling experience! Catch her competing at the IBJJF's Paris Open on November 26 and 27. She also plans on going to the Berlin Open before 2016 ends.

Besides being a full-time BJJ practitioner who trains 5 times a week and teaches kid's class on the weekends, you could also find Asena attending the Istanbul Bilgi University riding on a full scholarship for Sports Management. You could say she has a full plate, but nothing she couldn't handle and doesn't have great love for!

Asena plans to be Turkey's first female black belt and is aiming to compete at the Europeans, Abu Dhabi World Pro, and the IBJJF Worlds tournament in the upcoming year. She's also going to continue her studies and possibly major in Psychology and Sociology.

Roberto Jimenez - Alliance / Team Gacho Elite Submission League - Mexico 2016 !!!

Roberto Jimenez is no a doubt a rising star in the Jiu Jitsu Scene!  Winning multiple prestigious Tournaments including Pans, Worlds, Fight to Win Pro and several other Super Fights.  Recently we had the opportunity to document his most recent Invitation only Tournament - Elite Submission League 16 Man Tournament.  No doubt Roberto is a [...]

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Eli Olson Proves Hes Always Competition Ready In the Water or On he Mats! 2016

Another wave of victory set in for our surfing prodigy, Eli Olson. WSL hosted the Hawaii Regionals event this past November 6, which accumulated the athletes' scores from 5 different events they held this year (3 in Hawaii and 2 in Tahiti).   Eli managed to score the best overall run for 2016. This earned him [...]

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Tim Blanchard (Black belt - Atos/MMAU Canada) 2016!!!

Calgary Alberta, Canada is home to the infamous Andre Galvao's first Canadian affiliate academy, whose owner is also Galvao's first Canadian black belt, Tim Blanchard. Tim's story began by the inevitable curiosity towards Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu caused by watching fights in the MMA. Sadly, there were no BJJ academies where he grew up (Sudbury Ontario); so, [...]

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Saeed Dunkaev BJJ Bluebelt (Checkmat HQ) 2016!

It's never too late to shoot for a new dream and go all-in for it. In fact, as humans, we are built to discover and reach out for more. Saeed-Magomed Dunkaev is currently a 28-year-old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt who spent most of his life in Moscow, Russia. His dreams of living here in the [...]

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Scholar Athlete Bradley Chirino 2016 Update!

It's pretty impressive finding out what young, talented kids can juggle in their lives these days. We know some argue otherwise, but trust us when we say that there are young people today who are the furthest away from being lazy. Bradley Chirino is definitely one of those kids, to say the least. He's currently [...]

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Husband & Wife Team Veronica and Jeff Messina 2016!

We're completely aware that all of our athletes are talented in areas beyond Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And some of them are lucky enough to share these passions with another, like Jeff and Veronica Messina. In 1997, Jeff began doing BJJ, Muay Thai, and boxing, but gravitated more towards BJJ. Now he's a second-degree black belt under [...]

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IBJJF No Gi Pans - New York - 2016!

The IBJJF Pan Americans No Gi Championship took place at the Nat Holman Gym in New York City this past September , 2016. The tournament had plenty of great matches with enormous talent circulating the Jiu-Jitsu community, including our very own black belt Ian Sanders, brown belt Rehan Muttalib, and blue belt Lukas Matheus. This [...]

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Sergio Machado (Blackbelt - Team 3/Checkmat) 2016!

Military men and women sacrifice a lot to fulfill their duties for this country. It's no secret that they dedicate a lot of their time, their bodies, and their entire being into their services, big or small. Our very own black belt, Sergio Machado, was one of these honorable beings who served in the Army. [...]

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Cisneros Brothers! One Tough Bunch!!

They say certain talents and skills run in the family. The Cisneros family is a clear representation of that. Josh (16-year-old blue belt) and Jacob (14-year-old orange belt) Cisneros are both aspiring Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes who train at the Eliteteam in Visalia, California, under Professor Tom Knox. They're an affiliate under Cleber Luciano. Their parents [...]

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